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Our City Tours servicesfood and activities in Medellin and surroundings, will assist you to explore one of the most significant cities in Colombia, which is nestled in a lovely valley, inhabited by hospitable people, glorious weather, typically 70-75 °F (22-23 °C) no matter the season, and amazing mountains and urban views.

The “City of eternal spring” is a metropolis that everyone who explores it falls in love with. The strength of its people, the beauty of its women, the green of its mountains, its climate and its industrial and social evolution are more than enough to fall captivated by each of its corners and tourist sites.

In recognition of its rapid modernization, Medellin was chosen as the “most innovative city” in 2013, a great step forward compared to the days of Pablo Escobar’s influence.

The capital of Antioquia has the Enrique Olaya Herrera regional airport, where some national and regional flights operate. Also, includes the José María Córdoba airport, located in the municipality of Rionegro that receives and dispatches flights of national and international level.

Medellín historically has been a significant industrial centre, a sector that still represents 43% of the economy of the Valle de Aburrá. The most representative lines are textiles, chemical products companies, food and beverages. As well as automotive assembly plants. (Renault cars in Envigado) Medellin has equally been recognized as an significant hub for the country’s commerce. In recent years, it has also established itself as a city of services and for tourism it has focused on businessevents and conventions.

Walk through Medellín from start to finish and allow yourself be surprised. In each block and in each corner you will find more than one reason to want to return.
A city worthy of standing among signs of admiration, for being full of unique places to visitvibrateexploreknow, marvel and be surprised.
Surrounded by mountains that frame its landscapeguayacanes trees that submerge it with a dreamy yellowish colour, a climate that gladdens the heart and a sky so blue, that it induces you want to navigate it from north to south.


 El Pueblito Paisa (The Paisa Village). The Pueblito Paisa was built in 1976 as a representation of a typical town from Antioquia at the beginning of the 20th century, where you can visit the chapel, the barber shop, the town hall, the priest´s house, the school, the tobacco shop and the pharmacy, among other characteristic elements of the previous century. It is located at the top of Cerro Nutibara, in Medellin, and is composed of about 10 structures including the chapel, the school, the mayor‘s office, the cural house, the tobacconist, the barber shop, the pharmacy, a two-story house and a craft house.
The houses were built with materialsdoors and windows of houses of the old El Peñol town that were to be demolished to make way for the El Peñol Dam. This gave the Pueblito Paisa a touch of realism by the use of materials from the colonial era. The baptismal font comes from Sonsón and dates back more than 100 years. The desks of the school and the bed of the cural house are from the XIX and XX century, as well as the chairs of the barber shop, the paintings and the kitchen implements. In these constructions you can find typical handicraft shops of Antioquia.
In 1930 the municipality modified the name to Cerro Nutibara in tribute to the most powerful of the chieftains, Cacique Nutibara. Since then, the society of urban improvements SMP tried designing a public park to make Cerro Nutibara a tourist attraction and distinctive symbol of the city. In 1975, on the occasion of the tercentenary of the city of Medellín, the Territorial Credit Institute, the Sena, and the Central Mortgage Bank came together financing the construction of avillage with all the traditional characteristics. The project was led by the architect Julián Sierra Mejía, who started works in 1976. Later, private companies like ColtejerCompañía Colombiana de TabacoCompañía Nacional de Chocolates, Noel, Suramericana refinanced the project. Pintuco donated paint.

 Botero Square. It exhibits 23 sculptures by the antiquarian artist Fernando Botero. At this place you can touch, feel and experience the shapes and textures of monumental works that determine this place an icon of creative expression in the world.

 Museum of Antioquia. Founded in 1881, its rooms show more than 5,000 pieces from all periods of history and a variety of temporary and itinerant exhibitions of national and international artists.

 Jardin Botánico Joaquín Antonio Uribe. 14 hectares of extension with collections of flora that form a beautiful natural refuge. His Orchids show, José Jerónimo Triana is recognized as an architectural jewel of the international order and won the 2007 Pencil of Steel award. Walk through this living museum step by step that will surprise you: 14 hectares of trees, lagoon, tropical forest, desert garden, to inject an air so pure that it will leave you breathless.

 House of Memory Museum. It is the first museum built in the country that resorts to the historical memory of the armed conflict in Medellin and seeks to never forget the pain suffered by all the victims of the conflict.

 Museum of Modern Art. It contains the most fascinating collection of the painting scene of Antioquia. It is endowed with a prominent set of significant works of modern contemporary Colombian and Latin American art from the early 20th century to the present day.

 El Castillo Museum. In this place you can appreciate the splendor, appearance, aesthetics and sophistication of a medieval European Gothic style castle. Lamps, glassware, furniture, gardens, costumes, paintings, stained glass and other elements of ostentation typical of the most leading social classes with European heritage that inhabited our city.

 Explora Park. It is a center for the promotion of sciencehas the largest freshwater aquarium in South America in which more than 400 species coexist as pirarucus, anemones, and tiger fish, among others. It, in addition, has a vivarium with 16 species among amphibians, reptiles and arthropods. Aquarium: immerse yourself in a jungle flooded with more than four thousand inhabitants of the Colombian rivers and seas. Interactive park: get involved in more than 400 experiences to have fun and learn.

 Arvi Park. It is the green lung of Medellín, an spacious park of almost 2,000 hectares for the enjoyment and enjoyment of its visitors. Recognized place for nature tourism, sighting, hiking, biking and enjoy a picnic. Get into a native forest with extensive trails. Breathe air, infuse life very close to the city.

Barefoot Park. Relax yourself in the center of Medellin in a park to walk on the sand and immerse your feet in the water. Enjoy a haven of tranquility.

Large Plaza and Wooden Box. Surprise yourself with a unique space, created especially for business tourism, fairs and conventions. At this location we are directly with the world without moving.

Scuplture´s Plaza and Antioquia´s Museum. Medellin is the hometown of Fernando Botero which is completely obvious when one visits the Museum of Antioquia and Plaza Botero that show the famous works of this columbian artist in all their splendor. Surround yourself with art and culture in a place that includes 23 sculptures, exhibited under a curtain called the Museum of Antioquia. All of them are ready for you to admire and enjoy their majesty.

PARK LIBRARY SPAIN Santo Domingo Sabio. Elevate your eyes and visit this library park, formed by three massive rocks nestled high above. There, besides admiring the transformation of the city, you can have fun and enjoy a lovely book.

Metrocable and Metro System. Come to travel through the sky and connect with any part of the city, so you will discover its magic from above.

MODERN ART MUSEUM OF MEDELLIN MAMM. Pleasure your senses in a space that, more than a museum, remain a place to be surprised minute by minute with art and culture


Pedestrians path El Poblado

Prado Old Classic neighborhood

Ecoparque Cerro El Volador

Be dazzled by unique landscapes, surrounded by mountains of unrivaled green. Feel the aroma of the countryside and enjoy diverse climates, very close to the city.


 Flowers farms in Santa Helena, Medellín´s outskirts. They are located in the village of Santa Elena, rural area of the municipality of Medellín. There you can assemble a chair with flowersshape their shapes and learn from the culture of silletasheritage and pride of our city.
They complement our offer of tourist attractions: the Plaza Mayor Convention Center, the Municipal Planetarium, the Parque de los Deseos, the Pedro Nell Gómez Museum, the Rafael Uribe Uribe Culture Palace, the Barefoot Park and the Railway Station among others.

Envigado and Sabaneta
Ecological Park in Guarne
Flower growing farms in Santa Helena
Guatapé and El Peñól
El Retiro



Night Life

El Poblado
El Centro


Flowers Fair and Silleteros Parade. Vibrate with the exact colors of the rainbow. Every year hundreds of silleteros parade through the citycarrying on their back flowers forming multicolored art pieces.

Christmas lighting

Fashion Colombia Trade Fair (Colombiamoda)

International Jazz Festival of Medellin

Orchids and Birds International Exhibition